A Duck Story

We were coming round the last bend in the road, when Hank took off for the pond. I could hear ducks quacking which had caused Hank to investigate. There were three Mallard ducks in all. A female followed by two drakes. The drakes looked like they were chasing the female who was doing all the quacking. She did kind of a skipping swimming maneuver which seemed to keep her one step ahead of the drakes.

Leave me alone she quacked. I’m tired. I was up all night sitting on my eggs. I am in no mood for this foolishness. Quack Quack.  

Hank ran around the pond and stepped onto the Flintstones where he tipped his head to one side. He was thinking that the female duck seemed to be in a bad mood. Suddenly, the drakes stopped chasing the female duck as she swam towards Hank quacking away.

You would not believe what I have to deal with on a daily basis. Those two are unbelievable. They spend all of their time either chasing me or fluffing their feathers. Yeah, their good looking as drakes go. But help with the eggs. Are you serious. Once the eggs hatch, they’re gone. Look at them now, checking their reflections in the pond. And by the way, what’s up with those humans? What do they even do all day? I don’t get it.
Yeah, I know Hank replied. I spend all my time trying to train them and it’s pretty hopeless. But they give me treats, let me sleep on their couch, sometimes the big bed. It could be worse.

Are they gone yet, the female duck asked Hank. She didn’t dare turn around.

They’re still in the pond but they seem pretty much into each other. 

They’re gay. I knew it.