It’s Been a Minute

And by “minute” I mean two years. One of my fans misses the blog posts, so it’s time to get back into recording observations from Sugar Glen Farm. In the past two years, we acquired another German Shepherd, I retired from individual talk therapy, completed 200 hour yoga teacher training and 300 hour trauma sensitive yoga training. I will write about all that and more later but want to take time to acknowledge two frightening events that happened in the North Country related to LGBTQ hate. One occurred in Lancaster New Hampshire in response to the Library holding a Drag Queen reading event for kids and the other at the Cobleigh Library in Lyndonville when Toussaint St. Negritude read his poems. There is a significant number of people in our communities who think that their religious beliefs qualify them to monitor what they consider moral lapses and save the rest of us from falling into these so called lapses. Penny Patch and David Martin organized an event to support PRIDE and inclusivity in Lydonville on July 29 and I hope someone in Lancaster sponsors a Drag Queen reading at their business. We cannot ignore the hateful rhetoric because it spewing seeds for imminent violence. I have some ideas for Yoga and Poetry that promotes inclusivity…..