Craig turned 66 today. I think it’s a lucky number. Route 66. 99 upside down. We woke up at 5:30am and the air smelled sweet. We visited the vegetable garden and took in all the seedlings with delight. I went to the dump and Kevin said “hello Miss America. When is the old man going to retire?” It’s what he says every time I see him at the dump. I stopped at the antique  store and a nine year old girl climbed up on boxes to get me the striped hammock hanging in the window. Then she cashed me out. I  bought roses at Agway and the cashier swooned over the color and the name “honey perfume”. On to the diner for breakfast with Karla. Then a stop at the college which is bittersweet because of all the changes.  It was a good day.


It’s lilacs


Squash upon squash