Easter Bunny Weighs in on Religious Freedom

No worries, says Bunny. It’s covered in the Constitution. You have your freedom of speech, freedom of the press and freedom to assemble. I won’t mention the right to bear arms because Bunny is not a fan of guns.

You can see that there is no need for religious freedom in a society that grants it’s citizens freedom to pursue happiness. Explain you say? Bunny does not belong to any particular church or religion. Bunny serves all people and has to be androgynous in the religious sense. For example, Easter is considered a Christian Holiday. It was cleverly co-optedĀ  by the Christians from the Pagans several hundred years ago. So sad, too bad for the Pagans. I digress. Easter is a so-called Christian Holiday and yet, people of all shapes, sizes, gender, age, ethnicity, race, creed, sexual orientation and color celebrate this day. It’s a challenge for Bunny to deliver baskets to so many people. Oy vey. Yes, oy vey.

That brings me to working with the public. Some folks are sensitive and do not have good social skills. It’s OK. Don’t judge yourself harshly. Some of us have it and some don’t. I am not a fan of chickens, but I work with them. You think it’s easy dealing with chickens? Spend a day with me and you will get an interesting education about the fowl species. They’re not called fowl for nothing.

If you are uncomfortable working with certain kinds of people, well then give yourself and everyone else for that matter a break and stop working with the public. There are plenty of respectable jobs that do not require interacting with others up close and personal. Just please steer clear of retail, food industry and the health care industry. You might want to avoid running for public office. There’s enough stress living daily life. Don’t worry about what other people are doing behind closed doors. It’s not what you think. Bunny knows.