I am working on a full yoga class with invocation, warm-ups, asanas, peak pose, cool down poses followed by savasana. The peak pose is one of my favorites “Tree” or vrksasana. We were asked to create a theme based on heart qualities and I chose equanimity partly because I like the way the word sounds but mostly because it means staying calm and balanced in the midst of awfulness. Resonates in the time of Covid. We have several months to develop the class and it is an amazing process. I believe that in time, I will be able to facilitate and hour long yoga class. The purpose of taking this year long teacher training is to deepen my counseling practice which is already been happening. I am grateful for this opportunity. It’s been a silver lining during the pandemic.

Toby is doing better with more structure, more outside time and more lessons. Anyways, today he is a more chill puppy. We hope that he will sleep in his crate all night long in our bedroom.