Garden Scheming

The wind blew so that all the chimes clanged for hours. It rained so that most of the snow melted. The sky was grey. It was 50 degrees outdoors and absolutely miserable. Then the temperatures dipped again and it started to snow. I turned to the seed catalogs and ordered the following:

Bella Rosa Tomato

Carmello Tomato

Sweet Cluster Tomato

Tatume Summer Squash

Green Tiger Striped Zucchini

Yellow Stuttgarter Onions

Regiment Spinach

Purple Pak Choi

Maxi Filet Bush Bean

Amethyst Purple Filet Bean

Soleil Filet Bush Bean

Rainbow Carrot Mix

Damascus Cucumbers

Lovely Mesclun Mix

Bright Jewel Zinnia Mix

I feel much better now.