Homemade Pasta and Brownies

It’s that kind of day. Craig drove the plow truck to work. He left me with instructions that were doled out while I was asleep. Don’t go anywhere.  I won’t. Don’t walk Hank on the driveway. I won’t.

I decided to focus on tasks that had been haunting me for most of 2013. I cleaned the fridge. We have a lot of condiments and jars of pears sitting in alcohol-infused syrup. I organized the pantry. We have a lot of gluten-free products. They are gone. Craig informed me that according to the Swedes, we need fats, no carbs and certainly not gluten. I am baking brownies and making pasta. I organized important papers and learned that our retirement funds have been growing in the correct direction. Good to know. I made the bed in the German room. A big deal since there are multiple covers and pillows. Threw out a big garbage bad full of papers from last year’s classes. Why don’t I save more of them on my computer.

I ordered three books from my friend Amazon who knows my tastes and makes unusual suggestions for further reading.

We are expecting a blizzard tomorrow. I have nothing to say about climate change.