Pandemic: Year Two Day One

Yesterday, March 12 was technically day one, but today I woke up, Moderna vaccinated, first dose. How does it feel? It feels great. My left arm hurts and I am grateful. Something is working to make my immune system fight off the dreaded virus. I was one of 45 people at my office vaccinated. It was like spring break for the middle aged to mildly elderly. The door was open in the waiting room to let in the sunshine and fresh breeze. The parking lot was a bottleneck and no one, not one person complained that they could not leave. They stood or sat around and smiled. Or their eyes were smiling. Dr. Smith administered my vaccination. She is much older than me and a very fit and lovely doctor. I know her by reputation through my clients and as she administered the vaccine, I thought “Doctor you are saving a life. My life.” You could tell this was a really good day for Dr. Smith.