I missed a day. I was sleep deprived from our first night with German Shepherd puppy Toby. He cried all the way from Johnson to St. Johnsbury. I thought “what if he doesn’t like us?” It turns out he loves us. Loves the house, loves the outside, loves his toy. Notes to self: Toby needs more toys. He sleeps in a box lined with a towel dried off on his mom Ava. Last night, I said “Toby it’s time to go to sleep.” He curled up in the box and stayed there. Craig reports that he needed to go outside to do his business twice during the night. It’s good to have a dog in our home again. So far, he sits on command and comes when we call him. He looks humbled when you tell him no. You know, when he is pulling on the blanket or nipping on your fingers. He rang the bells this morning, so I took him outside to do his business. He hasn’t been trained to associate the two events but it was fun anyways. Toby is exactly what we need right now.