What do you call a gentle snow?

It’s not a blizzard. It’s not the storm of the century. According Eye on the Sky, we are expecting a few inches of snow. Even so, local Vermont and New Hampshire schools are closed. A lot of people stayed home today. I gauge driving conditions by the challenge of my own driveway. It was smooth going all the way.I ventured out to get the mail and check in with the book store. There happens to be more coffee and candy at this bookstore than books. I bought a book about Recovery for therapists dealing with addiction. Also bought a book about social activism. Then there is the Caledonian-Record and the latest edition of Rolling Stone because Stevie Nicks is on the cover.

Nicks is 66 years old and on tour with Fleetwood Mac. She lives in Santa Monica where I am staying in a month. The article says that she hunkers down atĀ  home because going out means being recognized which according to Nicks is more annoying than flattering. I wouldn’t mind getting a good look at Stevie Nicks who is a bad-ass 66 year old woman. I need someĀ  kryptonite-style role models for this aging thing.