What Does a Bear Do in the Woods?

Good question to ask of oneself when you hear strange noises in the night. My first thought was Craig must be putting equipment away. But at 10pm? I roused myself out of bed and looked out the window. Down below was a big black bear trying to pry the lid off of the  can filled with bird seed. I told him to go away. Did I mention that he was big? I called to Craig who came upstairs. That’s the biggest bear so far. Hank was asleep in the den. I told Craig that we cannot send our beloved dog outside to deal with the bear. What are you going to do? I said. Meanwhile the bear had managed to lift the lid enough that he was able to get a good grip on the bird seed bag with his teeth. He dragged the can up the hill beyond the playhouse.  Nothing to be done that night.

The next day Craig announced that he had gone looking for the can. He found it about a 1/4 mile from the house. The bear had given up on getting the bag out of the can. Was Hank with you? I said. Yeah, but he was no helpCraig replied. Hmmmm, I thought to myself.

I am so disappointed in my tomatoes this year. Planted 60 seeds, five different varieties. Most grew about three inches then stopped. By May, it’s usually like the Amazon rain forest in the kitchen.  I think I slipped up by not using Miracle Gro for all of the seedlings.

On the local political front, the St. Johnsbury School lost it’s third budget vote.  Lots of finger-pointing and name calling which is not helpful and only succeeds in giving people more reasons to not support the school budget. Oh, so and so thinks I’m an angry white man? What!  I should get off my ass and vote? Look whose voting now….There are 750 kids enrolled in the k-8 school compared to 1,000 when my own kids were there. The school boasts a hefty administrative staff including Superintendent and Co-Principals.  There is also a high percentage of children with special needs and behavioral challenges. Possible 25%? It’s one of the reasons so many families are choosing to enroll their kids in local private schools.  Not conducive to a democratic society.