What’s a Pandemic?

I think it’s been two months since we have been sheltering in place and the world, the whole world,  is upside down and inside out.  Craig did not venture out for at least one month except to Face Time with family. We park at Ocean State Job Lot to access their better Internet and cell service. Because of our lousy Internet and cell service, I am able to actually go to work at the office. It’s safe at least as far as I can tell.  A crew swathed in masks and gloves clean every door knob, bathroom and surface each morning. We are greeted by the distinctive and comforting smell of bleach.  Why all the fuss you ask my dear reader. Everyone knows,  but just in case, it’s the corona virus that has us all by the balls. It’s also been a chilly and damp spring so that doesn’t help to lift morale. Who wants their morale lifted anyways. It’s all bad news and we just have to wait it out until things settle and we figure out the new normal. I have been binge watching The Walking Dead and there are some important lessons to be gleaned from this very violent and yet compelling post-apocalyptic series:

  • This is the new normal and if you want to survive you have to radically accept the radically altered society and environment.
  • It’s all about adapting at a moment’s notice.
  • Solve one problem and three other problems arise as an unintended consequence.
  • It is not about every person for themselves and survival of the fittest. Survival is contingent upon keeping family and friends close. Leave no person behind.
  • Listen to Dr. Fauci. He is not a character in The Walking Dead but he should be. So listen to Dr. Fauci.