You are my Sunshine


Hank follows the sun

The temperature dipped below zero again and I found myself surfing the net looking at Puerto Rican beaches. One of my co-workers had spoken enthusiastically about a destination wedding she had attended three years ago in Culebra, Puerto Rico.  I asked about safety and she shrugged her shoulders and said yeah, there are places you should avoid. San Juan is kinda dicey. Be careful of taxis. Don’t take the ferry to Culebra. It’s better to fly.

Culebra is a small island that only has 350 rooms available for tourists. Flamengo beach is famous for it’s beauty. I imagined long afternoons sitting on the beach and looking out at blue water. Then I wondered about Hank. He usually sleeps at my feet while I am “working” on my PC.  Hank was napping in the dining room by the glass doors that were blasting sunlight directly on his body. He looked up at me while I snapped his picture. Who needs the beach?

You have to know that President Obama and his staff begin their  morning meetings with this prayer: thank you god for the Russians. Please don’t ever let the Russians go bust. We are just one major power away from complete world disgust. Amen.