May Flowers

Daffodils in the Eyebrow garden.

The birdhouse garden.

I sat on the back porch and read Varina by Charles Frazier. It’s about Varina Davis who was married to Jeff Davis the first and only Confederate President. She was an amazing woman who was not of her time and, yet, very much of her time. She gave birth to at least 10 children and lost most of them to illness and accident. She wrote in her memoir that she spent 10 years in a black mourning dress. One year for her husband,  9 other years for her children. It’s a sobering perspective of a southern woman’s life before, during and after the Civil War. She got by on red wine laced liberally with opium as was the style in those days.

Flash forward to present time and it seems that the President is “nuking” the Iran deal and raining down on the country with sanctions . The New York AG resigned following allegations by four women that he victimized them using emotional and physical abuse. The MeToo movement is not slowing down and possibly getting closer to the President. The millenials (are 18 year olds millenials?) continue their march towards gun control.  Varina Davis became a journalist and I am interested in her thoughts about one of the most defining periods in our country’s history. I am going to channel Varina as they think about these interesting times.


Snow, snow everywhere

It rained all day Sunday. A fresh, fragrant, spring cleansing rain.

Then it snowed in the middle of the night, the power went off

for a few hours .  This is what it looked like when we woke

up at 6am. Never mind, says Mark Breen.  The temperature will

rise to the low 80’s on Wednesday.


The chickens enjoying the warm weather last Thursday.  Cluck

away chickens, cluck away.

In other news, there are 200 Central American migrants at

the California border requesting Asylum.



April Madness

I had the snow tires changed today. While the guys were working on the car, I walked over to Ocean State Job Lot and bought $20 worth of seeds. Lettuce, Russian Tarragon and Sage. I also bought Cosmos flower seeds and trailing flowers to grace the arbor this summer.

It’s been a long winter and it’s finally over. Even it it snows, winter is over. On another notes, I stopped obsessively watching news shows and started watching Call the Midwife and Downton Abbey reruns. I will confess that Craig and I watched Westworld. It’s either the apes or the robots who will take over the world.

I am making Black Bean and Sweet Potato Tacos tonight.

36 Tomato plants. It’s how we roll.


The Gnomes survived another winter.

Snow on the back patio.