Mud Season 2016

It’s been a strange winter and by strange I am referencing the weather and the political kerfuffle.  I don’t mean kerfuffle. The right word will come to me eventually.  It was actually the winter that wasn’t and the political season that defies all logic.  So I went for a walk.


Craig’s Birdhouse


The Road Taken


The Hobbits


The Owre’s Pond

There were ducks on this pond earlier in the day.


The Sugar House with last bits of snow.


Hank is listening to me.


The bridge to everything.

Remembrance of things past and future

I am going to do a call-out to Marcel Proust here as inspired by Erica Dreisbach.  Like Proust, my writing is triggered by the smell of food in my kitchen.

I taught Issues in Research which has been the bane of Springfield College students’ academic experiences. I managed to make it fun and considerably lowered their anxiety about the year-long Project saga.

I planted loads of tomato seeds which sprouted successfully into 50 plants. They in turn were transplanted into the garden and terrified me with their prolific bounty.

Speaking of terror and gardens, Craig quadrupled the size of our garden and it turns out to be unbelievably fertile from years of horse poop.

Speaking of poop, I have discovered Poopourri. It’s nice.

I traveled to Los Angeles (visited Malibu) and Chicago. Yes, Dear Readers, you know why.

We hosted a fabulous wedding for Erica and Vlad which melded our Trans-Atlantic families.

I have shepherded my mother through a year of dental,  ophthalmology, family practice, manicure, pedicure and Jitterbug appointments. She is in better shape than when she arrived.

I sang the Carmina Burana or as Craig called it the Carmen Miranda with the North Country Chorus. Also the alpha and omega of that experience.

I was able to hold The Crow yoga pose for less than one second.

I was called to Jury Draw from September through November and was chosen for two trials. Thank heavens, the respective defendants committed to plea agreements. No Jury Duty for me.

Predictions for 2016:

The garden will be doubled.

I will teach an academic Yoga class. (It’s already in the bag.)

I will hold The Crow pose for two seconds.

Hank will not jump on guests.

I will travel to LA , Chicago and Michigan.

I will work towards dual licensure as a Social Worker.

I will not be called to Jury Duty.

Bernie Sanders will secure the Democratic Presidential nomination. A girl can dream can’t she?





More on the Jury Draw

I have been selected as a potential juror for a sexual assault trial in October. Caledonia Superior Court mailed me an 8 page form to complete ASAP. I had a wonderful time answering questions about my television habits (Game of Thrones, Ray Donovan, House of Cards, Downton Abbey, Master’s of Sex and The Affair); my magazine reading habits (People, Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, Marie Claire, Time). Actually, there wasn’t enough room for all of the magazines I peruse. And the radio stations I prefer (VPR and NPR).  This information is confidential and will be read by the Attorneys and the Defendant.