Snow, Sleet, Rain

It’s been another decade since last posting in this blog. I am distracted by work, Hank and teaching. Husband Craig is always helpful.  We had big plans to cultivate the soil, add top soil and manure to raised beds and plant seeds and seedlings during the Memorial Weekend Holiday. We woke up on Monday, or was it Sunday to two inches of snow on the ground. The gods were laughing. Which brings me to Game of Thrones which has become a recent obsession thanks to my son Tommy. You cannot feel sorry for yourself when you see what happens in Westeros, Easteros or Whateveros. I am in the first season and the characters are lamenting “Hard times are coming, winter will be here soon.” Hard times are coming. What do they call what is happening during the 10 year summer? We only had two inches of snow and had to delay planting for a week. Nothing compared to having your head or hand chopped off or being engaged to a sniveling,  narcissistic adolescent king.


Corral Garden

Corral Garden

Craig has been designing this garden for several years.


Hank likes to run around the garden and sample the tasty treats.

Hank likes to run around the garden and sample the tasty treats.

We have not sighted one villainous rabbit since Hank has claimed his territory.

Onions, garlic, radishes, beets, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers

Onions, garlic, radishes, beets, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers

Sage in the Herb Garden

Sage in the Herb Garden

We also planted French Tarragon, German Thyme, Rosemary, Cilantro, Spicy Basil, Parsley and Oregano.

Winter 2013 The Garden Begins

Waited and waited and waited, until it became impossible to resist the gorgeous packets of tomato and zinnia seeds. On February 24, started 2 dozen Carmellos (70 days),  2 dozen Bella Rosa (67 days), 2 dozen Sweet Cluster (67 days) and a half dozen Roma (70 days). There are 3 dozen mixed zinnias and a handful of Cilantro just for fun.

Garden Scheming

The wind blew so that all the chimes clanged for hours. It rained so that most of the snow melted. The sky was grey. It was 50 degrees outdoors and absolutely miserable. Then the temperatures dipped again and it started to snow. I turned to the seed catalogs and ordered the following:

Bella Rosa Tomato

Carmello Tomato

Sweet Cluster Tomato

Tatume Summer Squash

Green Tiger Striped Zucchini

Yellow Stuttgarter Onions

Regiment Spinach

Purple Pak Choi

Maxi Filet Bush Bean

Amethyst Purple Filet Bean

Soleil Filet Bush Bean

Rainbow Carrot Mix

Damascus Cucumbers

Lovely Mesclun Mix

Bright Jewel Zinnia Mix

I feel much better now.