June is a month of possibilities

I have three jobs. This was my modus operandi many years ago, about eight, and I had promised myself not to do it again. There are many pros to working full-time for one agency.

1. Stable income and benefits including earned time.

2. You belong, really belong to that organization versus feeling like an interloper.

3. You can grow within that organization and even advance.

The cons are as follows:

1. You become a slave to the organization.

2. The 9-5, five day a week schedule becomes drudgery.

3. After awhile, you feel trapped, like you might want to go somewhere else, but you can’t

imagine actually doing it. The stable income, benefits and earned time are your Siren Song.

I have three jobs, work far fewer hours per week in contrast to the one full-time job and earn the same income. I am vulnerable to lay-offs, but who cares since I am not afraid to develop job opportunities.

The vegetable garden is holding steady. We have had two weeks of rain which is not conducive to growth. Nothing has died. Beans and cucumbers sprouted. There are tiny greenĀ  leaves that look like carrots, beets and radishes in one of the raised beds. No sign of corn or potatoes. On the other hand, the flower gardens are bursting with exuberant color.

Tomatoes the size of golf balls

Tomatoes the size of golf balls


View of the patio garden through the corral garden

View of the patio garden through the corral garden