Bad Advice

I┬áhad a vivid dream last night about singing in a dark, little bar. The bar was crowded and raucous. I was aware of singing original work and in some part of my brain, told myself to remember the songs. I didn’t with the exception of Bad Advice. It was a funny song with a catchy refrain. At some point in the dream, most of the audience left. I was disappointed and stopped singing. There were a few people in the back of the bar who told me to keep going. We love your singing.

I am starting a list of bad advice. Feel free to add your own versions of bad advice given by well-meaning or not so well-meaning advisors.

  • Only work for money. Volunteer work is a waste of time.
  • He’s too tall for you.
  • Don’t put yourself out and make yourself tired.
  • Don’t try for …….no one will hire you, vote for you, want you.
  • Women can’t wear their hair long after age 40.
  • You can’t write if you have never taken a writing class.

Additions to come.