Tomato Plants Taking over the Kitchen on April 8

April 8 Tomatoes 002

Transplanted tomatoes for the second time. Used bamboo stakes tied with old nylons. Woo hoo.

April 8 003

Eggplants are thriving.

We bought an arbor for the vegetable garden today. The three electric wires that constitute our garden gate need to go. Craig is designing a gate that will fit inside of the arbor. We’ll plant viney flowers to grow along the trellis. Also took a look at garden sheds. Found an adorable small building at Lowe’s. Now that we plan to double the size of the vegetable garden, we need a convenient place to store tools. Just as we were cashing out our purchases, we spied the perfect water fountain for the corral garden. It will have to wait for another shopping trip. Craig spent a considerable amount of time showing me fence posts at Lowe’s and Home Depot. It’s really a stretch to show sincere interest in metal versus wood fence posts. In addition, there are several sizes to choose from. I don’t expect him to look at shoes …