A Fox in the Hen House

Craig gave me the bad news this morning after yoga class. All our chickens had died. It was a¬†crime scene and he surmised that the chickens had been killed by a weasel. Could have been a fox or a raccoon, but the manner of their deaths gave away the nature of the killer. It’s been a tough week all around. Craig had a wood working accident last Saturday which required surgery. I was attending the Women UNITE event in Montpelier, so he had to wrap up his own wound and drive himself to the hospital. I came home and took a nap and it wasn’t until he called for a ride home that the unsettling details emerged. He is on the mend and returned to work after two days.

Meanwhile, Craig’s Eggs will be temporarily out of business. We are going to start again with new chicks which will arrive on June 21. We are also getting very serious about a dog. Our dogs Duke and Boomer (may they rest in peace) would never have allowed any critter to enter the hen house.

It really has been quite a week.