Every Day is Mother’s Day

I protest this commercialized, insincere and contrived holiday. Every day is mother’s day, or kid’s day, or father’s day or people’s day. I feel loved and appreciated every day.

Spinach that was planted nearly one month ago

Spinach that was planted nearly one month ago

It’s been a joy to work outdoors today. The weather is blissfully warm with just a tincture of breeze. I planted several kinds of seeds last month during the two week tropical splurge. The lettuce did not take and neither did most of the peas. But, the spinach endured and looks quite healthy.

Patio Garden

Patio Garden

I am so happy about the patio garden which was started over seven years ago. It is especially beautiful in the spring. The urns that sit to either side of the table are filled with grasses and strawberry plants. The bunnies help themselves to the ripening berries in June and July. The tomato seedlings that were growing in the “pigpen” are now acclimating to the outdoors. The wind stimulates sturdy stalks and the direct sunlight nurtures them at full strength.

Freshly mulched garden

I’ve been thinking about creating a garden bed on this side of the patio for years. We worked side by side for an hour and got it done. Just enough mulch and more than enough newspapers. Mulching is an excellent use of the Caledonian-Record. My friend Clara is donating her primroses in exchange for a few tomato plants.

Grape Hyacinths and daffodils in bloom.

Grape Hyacinths and daffodils in bloom.

Sometimes think about getting rid of the grass in this area and planting all flowers. I think there might be some rumbling from the husband department. Maybe not, he has been designing a beautiful garden in the corral. Soon, it will be all flower beds and paths.

A Fox in the Hen House

Craig gave me the bad news this morning after yoga class. All our chickens had died. It was a¬†crime scene and he surmised that the chickens had been killed by a weasel. Could have been a fox or a raccoon, but the manner of their deaths gave away the nature of the killer. It’s been a tough week all around. Craig had a wood working accident last Saturday which required surgery. I was attending the Women UNITE event in Montpelier, so he had to wrap up his own wound and drive himself to the hospital. I came home and took a nap and it wasn’t until he called for a ride home that the unsettling details emerged. He is on the mend and returned to work after two days.

Meanwhile, Craig’s Eggs will be temporarily out of business. We are going to start again with new chicks which will arrive on June 21. We are also getting very serious about a dog. Our dogs Duke and Boomer (may they rest in peace) would never have allowed any critter to enter the hen house.

It really has been quite a week.

Tomato Plants Taking over the Kitchen on April 8

April 8 Tomatoes 002

Transplanted tomatoes for the second time. Used bamboo stakes tied with old nylons. Woo hoo.

April 8 003

Eggplants are thriving.

We bought an arbor for the vegetable garden today. The three electric wires that constitute our garden gate need to go. Craig is designing a gate that will fit inside of the arbor. We’ll plant viney flowers to grow along the trellis. Also took a look at garden sheds. Found an adorable small building at Lowe’s. Now that we plan to double the size of the vegetable garden, we need a convenient place to store tools. Just as we were cashing out our purchases, we spied the perfect water fountain for the corral garden. It will have to wait for another shopping trip. Craig spent a considerable amount of time showing me fence posts at Lowe’s and Home Depot. It’s really a stretch to show sincere interest in metal versus wood fence posts. In addition, there are several sizes to choose from. I don’t expect him to look at shoes …